it’s very important to come in physically prepared for your tattoo. Make sure you have rested well the night before, and you’ve had a good filling meal at least half an hour before arriving at the studio. It takes a lot out of you to get tattooed so you need your body to feel as strong as possible to sit for long sessions. Remember to bring a sugary drink, water and a snack with you to the session, in case you feel a dip in energy.

It will also help you with the whole experience, and healing, if your skin care regime is already in place! If you’re regularly exfoliating, and daily moisturising your skin, I cannot stress how much this helps the tattoo process, and how much easier you’ll find it to heal your tattoo. Healthy skin is the best pre-care! 🙌

After Care

2/3 hours after you’ve been wrapped; remove the wrapping, and wash your tattoo gently with a fragrance/ paraben/ sulphate free soap. I recommend Aveeno, which you can get from most pharmacies, or Dr Bonners baby soap which you can get from whole foods or amazon. I don’t recommend using antibacterial soaps, as you’ll dry the skin out and parched skin struggles to heal! 

Pat the skin dry with a paper towel and leave it till the next day

The following morning wash it as previously, once the skin is dry spread a small amount of the provided A and E ointment over the skin - you should apply a very light layer, and allow it to sink into the skin naturally. 

Repeat this morning and night for the next three days.

Around the 4th day your tattoo will get a little bit dryer and look a bit ‘peely’ like sunburn, at this point you can start using a good quality coco-butter, palmers solid coco butter with vitamin e is good. Always apply the cream and allow it to sink into the skin. Don’t rub it into the skin - be gentle with your tattoo! And apply around three times a day from now till around the end of two weeks, but if you feel like it’s still a bit shiny beyond this time then keep moisturising as long as you feel. The skin will be healing for a full month. 

Avoid soaking the skin for that month - so no baths, swimming saunas etc. 

A lot of my clients ask about using the gym; it’s fine to keep going to the gym but I’d avoid it for the first three days, and be careful after that if you skin is still visibly healing. If you are making the area where you have been tattooed expand and retract repeatedly you’ll be stressing the skin. 

Avoid direct sunlight on the area for the first month- if you are in the sun make sure to apply factor 50 as a minimum SPF.

Wear loose clothing, as appropriate to where you’ve been tattooed; so if it’s on your bra line don’t wear a bra etc. for the first two weeks.

The skin will be very itchy around the first week after - never itch, scratch or aggravate the skin. If you do, you’ll damage parts of the tattoo, so just remember to be mindful of that part of your skin.

If you have any questions during healing don’t hesitate to message me!

Thanks! ❤️